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The official source for logos and branding assets for Wood Badge - the Boy Scouts of America's advanced, national leadership course for Scouting volunteers and professionals.

Branding Policies and Standards
The purpose of this site is to ensure the consistent, and therefore impactful, use of the Wood Badge visual elements. Your adherence to these principles goes a long in way in creating a powerful message to everyone who interacts with Wood Badge – participants, Scouters, professionals, community members and beyond. These tools included in the Wood Badge brand are meant to empower you to create effective pieces of communication related to marketing and delivery of the program.

Today’s Wood Badge program is contemporary and up-to-date. The Wood Badge logo has been redesigned for course use beginning in 2020 and thereafter.  Use current, authentic, official logos, graphics and images to promote and support new Wood Badge courses, and related activities/events.

The trademarks and logos of the Boy Scouts of America, such as the word Wood Badge® and Wood Badge logo, are protected by a 1916 act of Congress (36 U.S.C. 27) as well as by a variety of registrations with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The Stack, Horizontal, Icon and Embroidery Logos are the only official images of the Wood Badge brand. Other versions or iterations may not be used. Do not create alternate versions with other shapes/images within the pentagon.

Use the logo designs in their entirety. Do not change or alter the designs in any way, nor use a portion of the logo, or any of its element(s), including the solid fleur-de-lis, thong, beads, pentagon, or any part of the logo to create something new or different for Wood Badge.  

The logos may be used in full color, monochrome, grayscale, black, or white/reversed on a brand color. Avoid creating other color iterations.

Stack Logo
A primary logo to be used on all official program material.
Horizontal Logo
A primary logo to be used on all official program material.
Icon Logo
Useful on social media, or where a smaller image is needed.
Embroidery Logo
Simplified logo for patches that require a small (less than 1 inch) design.
Workshop Logo
Logo for internal, educational  purposes during the presentation of the course.
 Wood Badge® Branded Products
The Boy Scouts of America owns these assets. Any use of the Boy Scouts of America’s trademarks by any third party on any product, including patches, pins, t-shirts and promotional products, requires that the manufacturer of these products be licensed by the Boy Scouts of America or purchased directly through the National Supply Group. To view a full listing of official licensees who can create custom products (i.e. Wood Badge® patches, neckerchiefs, t-shirts, etc.), go to www.licensingbsa.org or contact the National Supply Group or visit www.scoutshop.org. For any other inquiry, please contact licensing@scouting.org.
The brand colors may be used as backgrounds for the reversed white Wood Badge logos. When using the logo this way, the color field must be at least 50% wider than the logo on all sides. The brand colors may also be used for text headlines on a white background, but paragraph text color should be black on a white background, or white reversed on a solid color background.
Scouting Red
HEX: #E31837
RGB: 227, 24, 55
C:0 M:100 Y:81 K:4
Pantone: 192 C
HEX: #F1B51C
RGB: 241, 181, 28
C:5 M:30 Y:100 K:0
Pantone: 7408 C
HEX: #1E6432
RGB: 30, 100, 50
C:86 M:35 Y:100 K:30
Pantone: 7483 C
HEX: #213164
RGB: 33, 49, 100
C:100 M:91 Y:32 K:22
Pantone: 534 C
Other Branding Assets
Raleway Font   

Use Raleway font for headlines and headers (a little goes a long way), or any of the other fonts recommended for use with the BSA’s brand assets (such as Trebuchet MS, Arial Black, Arial Regular, or Times New Roman), Do not use Logger, Plank, Wood Badge or similar “wood-themed” fonts.

Contemporary pictures and graphics  

Showcase Scouting and Wood Badge with contemporary pictures and up-to-date graphics, especially in “public-facing” documents. Use current, authentic, official logos, graphics and images to promote current Wood Badge courses and related activities/events. Other than to support related, historical content or text, avoid using old Scouting or Wood Badge logos, photographs, imagery and clip-art.

Include and reflect Scouting’s diversity
Strive to include and reflect the variety and diversity of ages, genders, people and communities represented in our current, various Scouting programs.

Axe and Log  

Axe and log are symbols of Gilwell Park, the home of the first Wood Badge course in 1919. Use a real axe and log (or current photos) whenever possible. Use axe and log graphics to support text about Gilwell Park, Gilwell Field and/or the early history of Wood Badge.

MacLaren Tartan   
The Gilwell neckerchief displays a small swatch of MacLaren tartan to commemorate the generosity of Gilwell Park’s donor, W. DuBois MacLaren, who gifted the property to the British Scout Association in 1919. Refrain from using the MacLaren tartan in materials shared outside of the Wood Badge course. Use of color images of MacLaren tartan in print are preferable to those printed in black and white.
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Questions or Concerns
For additional help with branding and clarification on or questions about these guidelines, please use this form to contact the Branding Team.

This is official United States Wood Badge content owned by the Boy Scouts of America and associated trademarked emblems of Wood Badge program.

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